Our Story

White Oak Lavender Farm has been established on the historical White Oak Ridge in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. The land now hosting our farm was part of the civil war arena during the Battle of Cross Keys which took place on June 8th, 1862.  We appreciate that we are able to grow grapes and lavender on war torn property to add calmness, love and healing back to the land. 

We are in the process of adding to our young vineyards and we are enjoying learning what it takes to sustain a healthy crop of grapes along side our large lavender crop!  You can enjoy the sight of one of our vineyards while sipping wine in the Barn Swallow Tasting Room of the Purple WOLF Vineyard!

Our Winemaker

Randy Phillips, the Purple WOLF Vineyards' Winemaker, is also the owner of nearby Cave Ridge Vineyards in Mt. Jackson, VA.  He has a heart for mentoring new vineyards and an adventuous spirit for adding Julie's lavender infusions!

Randy's knowlege and  experience has proven to be invaluable for us as we have chosen which cultivars of lavender to pair with each fine wine.  Our bench trials have been deliciously fun. (Somebody has to do it, right?)


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